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6TH JUNE 2014.

We did it. And on behalf of all our Normandy Veterans, we’d like to say thank you. Thank you for the donations which helped make this year’s final, formal return to the fabled beaches of ’44 such an incredible, unforgettable occasion. Its purpose was to honour the fallen of D-Day, but it also became a magnificent salute to those brave men who still stand so proudly among us, 70 years after their actions helped free an Occupied Europe.

In a welcome break from recent years, the weather in June was perfect. As you can see from the photographs, our Veterans were treated to blue skies and warm sunshine more akin to the South of France than the often wild and wet Normandy coastline.

One of the many highlights of the trip was the service at Bayeux War Cemetery, where several NVA Veterans had a private audience with the Queen. Prince Charles was also in attendance and stayed to chat with all and sundry for several hours (as a pair of D-Day Vintage Spitfires flew tail-chase overhead…).

To everyone who partied with us at Sywell last September, who boogied on the Belfast this year and made extraordinarily kind and generous donations throughout our D-Day Fundraising Campaign, we say a great big Thank you. You helped make that beautiful, moving day at Bayeux possible. You created lasting memories and a fitting tribute.

Friend of the Foundation, and all-round Good Fella, Mr Eddie Izzard was also present and correct in Normandy (having flown in from the States for the occasion.) He also managed to squeeze in not one but THREE benefit gigs in one night, at one Normandy venue..in THREE different languages. Suffice to say, our Eddie remains a firm favourite with the Veterans, and we’re proud to have him on board.

Thank You for a remarkable event, wining and dining a group of lucky Normandy veterans who survived one of the most historic campaigns in military history, and for your marvellous fund-raising events to ensure that we were about to return to France and savour, and enjoy, the fruits of victory. On behalf of my fellow veterans a huge THANK YOU to all concerned.

Veteran Fred Harris

Trevor, regarding your personal funding of a number of WW2 D-Day veterans return to Normandy for the 70th anniversary.
What a great and unselfish gesture that I’m sure would have touched many people over this week of commemorations.

Gary Lewis

Dear Trevor and Alex, I would ask your trustees to please accept the grateful thanks of all members of the NVA who have benefited from this money donated by the Jack & Ada Beattie Foundation.

Through this generous donation I am positive that more of our members have and will be able to attend the various commemorative events and as you wished in a comfortable coach. Thus to express our appreciation for this and other contributions you have made it seems inadequate to say just thank you but I can assure you that this is really heartfelt and meant.

George R Batts, Leg d’Hon., Hon. National Secretary/Treasurer, Normandy Veterans Association