We accept donations from both UK and US donors.

UK donors please click on the Virgin Money Giving icon below to make a secure online donation.

As the Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation is a registered UK charity, all contributions from UK tax payers can be gift aided.

Please print off, fill in and send us a Gift Aid Declaration form, so we can claim the tax back on your donation, making every penny count.

US donors please click on the American Fund for Charities icon below to make a secure online donation. Please be sure to select "Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation" from the drop down selection under "List of Evaluated Charities".

Please note that the Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation is not in a position to offer financial advice or opinions, and seeks simply to inform, with no commitment or responsibility. If you require specialist assistance, you are strongly recommended to consult an independent financial advisor.

Tax Effective

There are a number of ways you can ensure your support for the Foundation is tax efficient.

As an individual UK higher-rate tax payer
You can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax 40 and/or 50 per cent and the basic rate of tax 20 per cent on the total ‘gross’ value of your donation. The ‘Gross’ value relates to your donation with the additional value of 20% Gift Aid increase.

As a company
Donations are deductible from the total profits of your business when calculating Corporation Tax. Your company can claim relief as long as the donation is a payment of money that is not a distribution of profit such as a dividend.

Gift in-kind
If you would like to donate to the Foundation goods your business makes or sells – your ‘trading stock’, you can claim the cost of these goods in your business accounts. This applies whether you’re a sole trader or in business as a partnership or company. You don’t have to include anything in your sales income for the value of the gift. So you can reduce your business’s taxable profits by the full cost of the goods.

Donate your shares
Giving shares is simple and one of the most tax-efficient ways of making a donation to the Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation. Donate unwanted or surplus shares to us for maximum mutual-benefit!

You can claim full income tax relief on the value of the shares but, in addition, no capital gains tax will apply. With the higher rates of income tax at 40% and 50% and capital gains tax at 18% (or 28% forhigher rate tax payers), this can amount to a substantial tax break.

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US donors
The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation is supported by the American Fund for Charities, a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation – EIN 52-2109597. Donations to the American Fund for Charities from US taxpayers are tax deductible to the extent allowed by US law. The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation has been reviewed by the American Fund for Charities and the board of the American Fund has determined that The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation is a suitable organisation to receive grants from a US public charity.

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Thank You

Need Design
“Design was always going to be integral to our Foundation. Dean Papadopoullos of Need Design took my rambling shambles of a brief and turned it into a thing of lasting design beauty.

Dean is a class act. A superb, instinctive designer. And most importantly, a really nice bloke. There are many designers and art directors I could have entrusted with the visual manifestation of our Foundation, none of them would have done a better job than Dean.”
Trevor Beattie

Very many thanks to Malcolm Woolliams at DirectionForward, for their ongoing ICT support and web development. Based in London, with international clients, they take enormous pride in working with non-profits as well as SMBs; catering for all causes and needs.

Thanks to BAM for completing the Three Peaks Challenge. You truly are amazing people!

Fresh Awards
We’re delighted to partner a category in this year’s Fresh Advertising Awards, giving recognition to some of the very best ideas which never quite “made it”. Their moment in the spotlight beckons..

Knowing that someone is fighting your corner is half the battle won

An enormous thank you to Maggie Lowe who amazingly completed a Bungee jump on her 70th Birthday. What a star!

Thanks to the superstars Marcus Ryder and Daz Lowde for running the London Virgin Marathon 2013 for the Foundation. Thanks to their blood, sweat and tears, we can help fight more corners.

A huge thank you to friends of the Foundation, the Lowde family for participating in the Manchester-Liverpool bike ride and swimming the Salford Dock Mile for us. We are immensely grateful and impressed by their achievements, completing 40 miles in 3 hours 10 minutes!

Darran has recently completed the Preston Guild Marathon for us raising lots of money for those vulnerable and marginalised. Congratulations to Daz the hero. We salute you!