The Fund for the Forgotten aims to support those unhelped, unheard and overlooked. Our aim is to help individuals who have no one else to turn to, no one 'fighting their corner'. Grants between £500-£1,000 will be awarded to individuals facing injustice or inequality against their dignity, freedom or sanctuary. Support will be granted to credible causes with measured and tangible outcomes. All applicants must comply with the Foundation's monitoring and evaluation procedures.

Some Individuals Supported

Ama’s story

Ama is 21 year old student who was born with severe Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), Brittle Bones. The Beattie Foundation has partnered with the Brittle Bone Society, to fund a specialised profiling bed to meet her needs. The recommended bed is height adjustable and includes a massage function which assists with the healing of fractures. It also has a cut away side to allow a mobile hoist to be used when Ama is fractured. The conformable bed will improve Ama’s sleeping and allow her to return home sooner after a fracture. To learn more of the Brittle Bone Society, please click here.

Siân’s story

29 year old Siân has been recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and as a result has had to leave her employment as a carer. Siân’s private landlord has recently notified her the monthly rent is to increase. Siân cannot afford to cover the newly increased rent and so is to be rehoused by the local council. Whilst Siân awaits rehousing, we have supported Siân to finance the increase, ensuring Siân doesn’t have to worry about having a roof over her head.

Lisa’s story

Lisa and her two young children have recently escaped domestic violence and abuse and are being cared for by a local women’s refuge centre.
Fantastically Lisa and her children are soon to be rehoused in permanent accommodation, thanks to the local council. However, the accommodation does not offer carpets or curtains and so the Foundation have been privileged to fund these items for Lisa, making her home safe, secure and comfortable.

Matt’s story

Spirit Level“The Spirit Level is a film which examines how the growing gap between rich and poor is damaging our society. Campaigning films like these can help change attitudes – but they don’t get funded by the mainstream media. Having met Matt, I was keen to give him the opportunity to work on the film. He knows only too well the issues the film explores, and I felt his input would be both beneficial for the project as well as empowering for him. Our budget was tight, but with the help of the Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation we’ve been able to employ him for 2 months. This not only gives him paid work but real training and experience in production – which will hopefully assist in him securing future work.”
Katharine Round, Director – The Spirit Level

David’s story

David Sykes is a Paraplegic Microlight pilot planning an epic, SOLO record-breaking circumnavigation of the World in a Microlight aircraft. This challenging feat of aviation will see David pass through 27 different countries and fly over 23,600 miles completely unsupported. This epic achievement will confirm David as the first Paraplegic to fly around the world in a Microlight.

Colin’s story

Colin hit rough times when he had an emotional breakdown which led to long-term depression. The Foundation funded Clive enough support to clear his debts and start a new chapter in his life.

Sarah’s story

Sarah was rescued by Eaves’ Poppy Project which supports trafficked women in the UK. She was brought to London under false pretences, where she was kidnapped and trafficked for sexual exploitation. Since rescue, Sarah has been re-housed in sheltered accommodation. Funding cuts meant the council could not provide white goods for her flat. We are proud to be able to support Sarah by funding these.

Jo’s story

Jo has been granted leave to remain in the UK since seeking asylum following a lengthy period of abuse and rape. Jo was diagnosed as HIV positive in 2010 and has suffered with depression and anaemia since. It has been a very difficult time for her with little support. She is concerned about the stigma of having HIV and has not disclosed this to anyone other than health professionals. Jo has found herself homeless whilst in the UK but has recently been allocated a 1 bedroom flat in London. We provided a grant to Jo to furnish her home with necessary appliances to ensure her health, safety and well-being.

John’s story

John was kicked out of his home at the age of 16 after coming out as gay. Now 17, he lives in sheltered accommodation. John’s minimum wage does not afford him luxuries, and only just covers his rent and bills. The Government now taxes customer tips given to retail employees. John is losing a significant amount of his monthly income to HMRC. In addition, due to an admin error, HMRC wrongly allocated John an emergency tax code, resulting in him having to pay an incorrectly high rate of tax. John appealed to us for support whilst he waits for his tax rebate – we were delighted to Fight His Corner.

Malik’s story

Malik is an apprentice in the construction industry, hard-working and punctual. Malik gets paid £100 a week. The Foundation were asked to help when Malik was made homeless. With no postal address he did not have access to benefits, and faced the streets. We worked with Malik to find him a permanent safe and stable home. With our help, Malik now has a place to call home and has access to all his entitlements.

Gemma’s story

thigginstlogoThis year, the Terrence Higgins Trust asked for our help to support one of their clients in a desperate state of need. Gemma is living with HIV in the Midlands and has just given birth to a baby boy. Due to her health, and circumstances Gemma is unable to fund all the items required for her newborn. We were pleased to support Gemma by providing essential equipment and clothing for her son.

Some names changed for anonymity.

We were privileged to supply Christmas gifts for 420 children across the London Refuge Network for women escaping domestic and sexual violence.

Thank you to Darran and Helen Lowde, Kenny and Michael Bruce, Tom Keaveny, Mike and Lesley Hayton, TBWA, Steve Owens and Loveurope, Andy Hider and Mace, Marcus Ryder, Hawksmoor, Chris Norton and the Blades, Richard Branson and the Virgin Limited family for their support.


1. Proposal
To apply, please send us a proposal - give a summary of your situation. You can download guidelines for proposals here, along with our Data Protection policy. It would prove helpful if you detailed how your situation is aligned to the Foundation's objectives and values and how support from us can help you.

2. Application
If your proposal is successful, we will invite you to submit an application. You can download application forms for organisations and individuals here, along with our Data Protection policy. Individual applicants must submit two references and identity documentation along with their application.

3. Evaluation
All successful applicants are required to submit a report illustrating how the Foundation's support has helped them overcome the injustice or inequality faced.

Guidelines and forms
Please read our guidelines before submitting any proposals for support to the Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation. Please complete an application form if you have been invited to apply to the Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation following a successful proposal submission.

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